Very Merry Unlabor Day to Me

I spent the whole weekend working on my kitchen. Got a lot done. Yet, not even close to being complete. As you can see Dude was lending a paw with the sanding.

I got some appliances ordered from Carlson's. That guy's commercials are funny. I spent less than I intended and got more. Got a dishwasher, range and range hood. I got a range hood with a microwave, even though I hate microwaves. It was only $50 more than a good hood without the microwave.

Back in 2001 I ordered a refrigerator from Carlson's. Sears wanted to charge me $300 more for the same model. Sears also lied to me about the rebates for energy star models, because most of the refrigerators they had out on the floor were not energy star. The sales reps wouldn't take me seriously there either. I hate Sears.

I put the new appliances on a three week delay. I just hope I have the time to finish he rest of the kitchen before they get here. Posted by Hello

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