God of War Bloggers

There have been several of my co-workers blogs recently brought to my attention, so I thought it was time to do a re-cap of all of the God of War bloggers.

Max Ancar - 1 & 2 - Particle System Artist
Cory Barlog - 1 & 2 - Animator, Director
Michael Cheng - 2 - Level Designer
Derick Daniels - 1 & 2 - Combat Designer
Johnny Hawkins - 1 & 2 - Level Designer
Cecil Kim - 1 & 2 - Concept Artist
Gio Luis - 1 & 2 - Animator, Character Rigging
Jason Minters - 1 & 2 - Technical Artist
Potatoes - 1 & 2 - Character Artist, Concept Artist
Eric Williams - 1 & 2 - Combat Designer

Gears of War

I've found Gears of War interesting graphically since i first saw it. Graphical tech has been the whole of my interest in that game. I haven't really had a desire to play it. Given the time and equiptment I probably would play it, but I really am not chomping at the bit for another first person shooter.

Then I saw this trailer. Mad World adds such a depth to the game it really turns my head. I guess because it is totally not what you'd expect. To me it implies that the developer has put thought into the game besides shoot monsters and move. It makes me feel that the game would transport me to a world where I am defending my home and my life, rather than just kicking ass for ass kicking sake. If only I could be sure that this is not the marketing department grafting their viewpoint on the game.