One thing I regret is that on my break I didn't go surfing nearly enough. I went out today and yesterday. Great fun. Yesterday was large and, at high tide, really fun. It was choppy and a lot of work to get out to the lineup, but a good day. I had a really great backside wave. Today was smaller but had good shape and it was less choppy. I caught a bunch more waves today. Suring before work always makes the day cooler.

Men in Space

Last night I went to a party commemorating the April 12, 1961 flight of Yuri Gagarin. The flight that took the first human into space.

Space was the theme of the night. The main room was a icy, Hoth-like planet complete with geodesic living structure. Jason Bentley, Donald Gloude and Porter Tinsley played out some great sessions on the frozen wasteland. Donald Gloude did some live scratching which is always fun to see. My favorite DJ of the night was Porter Tinsley. Her beats just got my booty wiggling. Liana and I danced with fervor.

At one point a giant cargo door opened and the brightest light shone through the portal. It felt like Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Everyone was in silhouette like aliens crawling from the spacecraft.

In another part of the studio they had lined the wall with phosphorescent paper. Every thirty seconds a light would strobe burning the shadow of whomever was standing between the light and the wall into the phosphorescent paper. The image would fade in time and be replaced by the next burst of light. It was a striking effect beautiful and creepy. It reminded me of how people's shadows were burned into the wall in Hiroshima.

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LEGO Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars is great.

It allows you to play the major points of Episodes 1, 2 & 3. I'm playing episode 3 right now and the movie isn't even out yet. I just battled General Grievous. The controls and abilities are a little childish and easy. The LEGO style is great except the lack of character speech makes it feel like the cut corners on voice talent or they didn't want to be required to invest in translations or subtitles. All in all for a fan of LEGO and Star Wars it is a must have.

I actually worked as a programmer on a game for LEGO. Our team created LEGO Alpha Team an array of characters which is still apparently still going strong for LEGO.

Do The Hustle

I went to see Kung Fu Hustle this weekend. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I almost peed.

Party Like Gods

We had our God of War wrap party at the El Rey Theater. A real good time. Even Kratos broke into dance.

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Happy Sheep

I finally got my cartoon Happy Sheep done!

It was inspired by a a skit I did in a class at The Groundlings.

But be careful, Liana gives it an R Rating and I'd have to agree. The audio is probably not safe for work.