God of War 2 Announced

This is a video of the announcement trailer from the Game Developer's Conference.


Pillow Talk

I found this video tape under the pillow in Dude's dog house. It was addressed to a dating service and was accompanied by a profile form:

Name: The Dude
Sex: Male (neutered)
Hometown: Boston
Seeking: A hot bitch for long walks and excessive humping. Number one quality, a good sense of smell.

The things that dog gets up to while I'm at work. Shesh.

The Unknown Surfer

This is some video I took down at Bay St. Santa Monica in December. I'm not sure who is surfing.

TIVO, master of media

I have a server setup in my house where I store all my CDs. My TIVO can access this server and play all of my music through my entertainment system. A neat and useful feature. Today I noticed that there a slew of new features on my TIVO. These features include downloading Audio Podcasts directly to the TIVO, access to movie times and tickets, Yahoo photo browsing, and 360 Radio.

I doubt that the podcast player will play video podcasts but I haven't tried it.


Better Kick It, Before You Click It

When you use Google's ad sense you are not allowed to click on ads served to your page. I find this very frustrating sometimes. The ads are placed using keywords. The keywords come from paragraphs that I have written. So, sometimes Google places an ad that is relevant to what I have written. Why shouldn't I then be allowed to click it? I understand if people are clicking excessively, then you got to nip it. If I am really interested in the ad, I don't see the problem in using it.

Unanticipated Speech

Today we had a meeting to explain the game engine we developed for God of War. I can't say who was in the meeting or for what purpose. I was assured that I was not supposed to go to this meeting. Just about the middle of the day I get a call, from the conference room. "Can you come down and explain the AI waypoint system." Uh-oh, I haven't messed with that in months. I get down to the room peek in the door and then I got nervous. There were more people in there than I expected. I thought maybe two or three. No, it was more people then I cared to count. After that the meeting turned into one of those nightmares in which you have a test but you didn't study. My voice cracked a couple of times and I could feel myself sweat. I really shouldn't have been so nervous. For some reason I just was.