I have always had a weird opinion of technology. I love it but I hate it. I love thinking of new technologies Memory organizing machines and similar things that don't yet exist. Then I don't really like some of yesterday's future technologies. Some of the technology we have today. I hate microwaves. I don't own a microwave. I am convinced that my mother's microwave gave my sister a tumor when we were kids. I don't know why I think that, but it wasn't her genetics. She has an identical twin who didn't have a tumor. So the cause must have been something environmental.

I also hated cell phones for the longest time. I refused to get a cell phone. Now my opinions on that are starting to flip. I got rid of my home phone and all I have is a cell phone. It's pretty cool. It has voice recognition and plays the theme from the Muppet Show when it rings. I just hope it doesn't give me a tumor.

One of yesterday's future technologies that I really love, the ATM! I remember before my home town's bank got the ATM, when I was a kid. My mom would have to wait in a long bank line to get the cash for the weekend and if she ran out, problems. One drawback, no lollipop dispenser.

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