A few months ago, before all the SoCal rains, I was surfing with some friends at a particularly crowded break in Santa Monica. Lurking out in the water with us was a most dangerous creature, Kookus Jackassus. More commonly known as The Kook, the creature struck us in terror. Dropping in on surfers, crashing into people, and allowing his board to get away from his control. He had to be stopped.

Some surfers tried coaching The Kook. They could be heard saying, "What you just did was very dangerous. You should keep control of your board it narrowly missed that person." Ah, but the Kook is a very stubborn breed and the very next wave repeats his mistakes.

Others tried shouting and intimidation, "Faggot! Get out of here Barney! You Suck!" But the Kook was undeterred, happily endangering the surfers.

Still others tried threat, "If you are ever on the same wave as me I'm going for blood! I will run you over with my fins! I will hurt you!" But the Kook does not comprehend the damage a surfboard can do. Perhaps never having felt the sting of a skeg against skin.

Then, when all hope was lost, the Kook was overheard saying, "I'm not to fond of this crowd."
Without missing a beat, as if my lips were driven by divine forces, I shouted, "The crowd's not to fond of you."

Uproarious laughter broke out from the crowd.

After this exchange The Kook looked hurt and bewildered. He recoiled from the water, retiring to the safety of his Corvette. Could chiamus be the undoing of the common Kook? Perhaps.

God of War is Done

Done, complete, finished, gold. Yay! It will be in stores in one month. You can preorder it now.

Now the team is on a break, all recoperating from our last several months of stress. While on this break I was trying to think about what I would like to do next. I had several brilliant ideas. A couple of products and some production tools were floating around in my head. The most promising idea I presented to Sony and I hope that I can get it produced. I don't want to say too much about it yet. Hopefully it will all work out because this idea, in my opinion, is amazing. I am seriously considering hacking it together if Sony doesn't let me build it through them.

In case you are wondering, I did not put the Amazon link here to make money off of the recommendation. I became an Amazon Associate to check out how it all works. I recently heard a speech from Jeff Bezos at the Web 2.0 conference on IT Conversations. What they are doing over at Amazon is very interesting. So, I am looking into it. I chose God of War as my first reccomendation because I know it kicks arse.

Underage Gaming

This is a warning! If you are under 17 I don't want to hear about you playing my video game, God of War. If I do I will have to give your parents a serious verbal beat down. I don't want Sony getting sued, like in the case of this moron, because you were too stupid to determine that your hideous grandma was not actually Medusa before you ripped her head off.

Ratings are there for a reason.

Liana's New Shots

Liana got some new headshots done. These are the favorites so far.

The Law and Order shot

And this one is my favorite. She looks so yummy. Posted by Hello

Thriller Special Edition

I just got the Michael Jackson Thriller Special Edition CD. It's got the Vincent Price recording session they did for thriller. There is a whole extra verse in there that's not in the song. Man, that guy has the coolest voice. There are a interviews with Quincy Jones and a few with Rod Temperton. Great stuff.

Insurgent Alliance

I've been noticing recently the word insurgent is being used a lot more often than in the past. Insurgent means rebel, they are synonyms. Why would the media start using the word insurgent instead of rebel? Hmm, is the populace becoming insistent that the media increase its vocabulary? Highly doubtful. Are we bored of hearing about rebels? Nah. I think that reason is that the word rebel has become sympathetic to us. Especially those of us in our thirties. Star Wars has conditioned us to see rebels as not so bad really. Whether or not it is a right wing plot to prevent any sympathy for the insurgents, I don't know. What I do know is if I saw GW on my TV saying how we had to eliminate the rebels I would instantly associate him with Darth Vader.


I just got an email straight from Kaz Hirai titled PSP Launch Date Release FINAL FINAL.doc. Unless there is a FINAL FINAL FINAL doc coming, the Launch date is March 24th. Suggested retail price $249.99 US dollars. I hope that people don't skip over God of War in their excitement for the PSP, its release date is March 22nd. You can read the details on the release package and the PSP in the PSP Release Date Press Release. There is also a press release detailing the launch titles, PSP Launch Title Press Release.

No air

I caught a few of my coworkers off guard with this scenario. Take a balloon and fill it up with air. Now imagine you could freeze the balloon's structure. No matter what you do to it the balloon will always maintain it's inflated shape. I know it is physically impossible, just accept it as a truth. Now suck all of the air out of the balloon so that there is a total vacuum inside. The balloon will float away. It will be less dense than the surrounding air. So it will be pushed up, like an air bubble under water. It will float away even more rapidly than if it were filled with helium or hydrogen.

Right now, as far as I know, that scenario is not possible. But soon there will be a material strong enough to hold its shape with a vacuum inside, yet still be light enough to float. Perhaps it will be made out of nanotubes or something. I'm sure materials science will provide it sometime soon. Remember, it wasn't that long ago when we didn't have helium filled balloons.