Evil Aliens

I think it is weird that Stephen Spielberg is giving us War of the Worlds. He was the director of E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Both movies with harmless, curious aliens. What happened to his premise? He once stated, "I have a hard time believing that a species intelligent enough to travel vast distances in space would be harmful." Has he abandoned that notion?

Update: I saw War of the Worlds this weekend. It was really good. It felt like a ride. Absorbing and enthralling.

God of War Team is Now Hiring

The team that created God of War is now hiring in virtually every discipline:

Concept Art
Character Art
Environment Art

So, if you think you got the talent and the skills and want to be a part of what we are doing next ( you can imagine what that might be ) then email us at: gow_jobs@playstation.sony.com

Oh, don't forget to mention that TMIV sent you.

Mass Hysteria

As you can see, Dude and the Cool Cats are finally starting to make friends.  Posted by Hello

Late E3 Post

I went to E3. I'm glad that I finally have the time to blog about the show. Way too crowded! The place was packed. The crowd, as usual for E3, was not filled with normal people either. It was stuffed with freaky bastards, like the guy who rented a wheelchair to grope booth babes and get up-skirt shots. I was standing with some friends on the show floor when I gestured to indicate a direction. Not a grand gesture, no wild arm swinging, but the place was so full some random dude walked his eye into my finger.
I have a question for the Sony marketeers. Who is this Chang character and why should I welcome him?

There were a few Greco-Roman Mythology games at E3. I'm glad that God of War beat them to the market. People love that Hero Holding Medusa's Head pose for the posters.

Spartan: Total Warrior has a hero like the prototypical Kratos. Complete with scrub brush adorned helmet. Posted by Hello