Turn on your Heart Light

Today I heard some news that moved my heart towards a thumpin. Seems that an article in New Scientist is stirring up some excitement. Can you imagine if we actually did find a signal from beings on another planet?

Turns out to be mostly hype. Everyone got all exited for no real reason. It was fun for a minute but if you read what the Planetary Society has to say you'll land safely back on earth.

I've heard it mentioned several times that scientists expect that the broadcast will be on the main frequency at which the universe's most common element, hydrogen, absorbs and emits energy. That aliens would choose to advertise their presence using this frequency because it's the interstellar communication equivalent to running ads during the superbowl. It was in Contact and they mention it in this article. My questions are: Do we advertise our presence using this frequency? Do we send out this signal to outer space? How powerful is our broadcast? Where do we send it from? Would it be detectable from anywhere or just from particular regions of space?

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