Painting With Pollution

Alexandre Orion paints with pollution. He finds walls and tunnels that are encrusted with layers of black soot and selectively cleans the surfaces creating art. You can read about his angry encounters with police who think he's spray painting over at Wired.

His art process is called reverse graffiti. At first I wasn't sure that his work should be associated with graffiti because of the associated destructive connotations. Then I guess that's the point and why it is a true reversal.

Orion is a true artist. He's using a visual medium to create awareness. His message is unpopular with the government and is just washed away in the end, literally.

Halo 3D Views

Ghost Hop Stereo
Originally uploaded by Kato Katonian
I've actually taken 3D photos in other games. All you need 3 things: a way to stop time, access to move the camera, and a method for taking screen shots. Blamo, 3D pictures. It helps immensely if you have access to the game's code base. Kato describes the process of taking 3D pictures from Halo 3.

The red / cyan anaglyph can have problems. It is especially bad if you have objects that are all red or all cyan. So, you're going to have problems if you are doing a red vs. blue game. That's why I like the wiggle view for web display. No glasses or crazy eye tricks.

Free Fallin

or in concert

Makes me want to buy a DS.