Baby Hiccups

I'd be interested to know if hiccup stopping technique works for other parents. Our baby, Asha, gets hiccups a lot. It was really stressful, especially for my wife. Actually, I think it was more of a discomfort for my wife than it was for Asha. So I came up with a process that works to stop those hiccups cold. It's worked for us 100% so far.

1) Wait for the baby to seem agitated by the hiccups.
2) Hold the baby so she is sitting up.
3) Feed the baby 1 oz of pumped breast milk ( or formula ) out of a bottle.

The first step is key. I think at first Asha finds the hiccups kind of fun and interesting. It takes a few minutes before she tires of them and gets upset. In the second step we have Asha sit up almost as if she's sitting in a chair at a table. I'm not sure if it is essential to the process but we use Dr. Browns bottles with the gas reducing insert system.