Book Idea

If this doesn't exist already, it should! There has got to be a book that lists local sayings and slang. A reference guide for little local slang and common phrases. Organized by state and cross referenced by meaning and subject. Even better would be a searchable web site. It must exist! I has to exist. I read a phrase that the source claims is a Texan saying. It went like this, "Life is like a jar of jalapeƱos. What you do with it today may burn your ass tomorrow." It would be fantastic to flip through a book filled with crap like that!

Weekends are made for fun

Liana, Jon, Ben, Bart, Dude and I went on a great hike on Saturday night. It was beautiful. The Santa Monica mountains make a great place for a quick getaway. We hiked up while it was still light. Then had some food at the summit as the sun set. When we walked back it was dark. The moon was full so seeing was not difficult. I still managed to step into a hole in the last 10 meters of the trail. I heard a crack and it hurt so bad that I fell over. It seems fine now, mostly. I worked out on it this morning. All went well, very little pain.

Then Sunday I had a really bad headache. It was one of those headaches that just makes you sit around and do nothing. It makes you think, "If I just wait 10 more minutes it will go away." I finally gave in and took some pills at 8:30 p.m. but by then the day was wasted. Crape Diem

Today's Homework!

Today the new wallboard is flat and dry. My intention was to build the structure that will enclose the stove vent pipe in drywall. I figured I should install one wall cabinet to make sure I build the enclosure in exactly the right place. Good thing I did! I had measured out where the wall cabinets would hang from the catalog. The numbers in the catalog are misleading. They imply that the bottom of the cabinet should be 39 inches from the ceiling. Wrong! The video says how to measure it properly. My original drawings had the wall cabinets two and a half inches above where they should hang. Good thing I did this test. The enclosure would have been 2.5 inches short. Yikes. Plus doing this test allowed me to hang one unit to get a glimpse at the future. Of course now I have to take it down and paint the walls and build the enclosure for the air vent and one for the lights over the sink.Posted by Hello

Party Pics 1

These are the first pictures from my party. I started karoke off with a frightful version of You Are My Sunshine.

Just be glad that this is not an audio blog.

Then a while later Ben and Mo celebrate after giving a stellar performance of Ludacris - Stand Up.

Liana and I had to get a little wiggle in our bums during Sophia's Last Dance.

Finally as a party closer Sara showed us some of the knowledge gained from her last movie role as a stripper. Posted by Hello


My girlfriend's roommate Debbie got a role in a pilot called Thief. She is playing the Chinese mobster's girlfriend. The project sounds interesting. Each episode is a day in the plotting of the Theif's heist. There are a gaggle of people after the Theif including the Chinese mobster. Linda Hamilton of Terminator 2 is playing the Thief's fencer.

Fat Man

A virus that causes you to get fat does exist. A test center is being built to do blood tests for the fat virus. Imagine what will happen when the word gets out that there is a virus that can make you fat. Man, if fat people found it hard to get a sex partner before, look out. Sexually transmitted fat arse. Yikes.

It's my party.

I had my 30th birthday party over the weekend. It was really great. The only thing that went wrong was the original place we wanted to get BBQ from suddenly had a rennovation going on that day. It was a surprise because the owner had told us to call in the morning on Saturday and they would make the food. I guess that he forgot that he was doing remodeling that week. It turned out to be ok. We sent an undercover white boy down into South Central to get BBQ from a better place. He came back unscathed carrying a large tray of meat.

A bunch of my friends came by. We went swimming and did some karaoke. I rented a machine from Life Of The Party. It was well stocked. It provided a great time for $150. It was the center of attention. Liana really made the party special for me. She made this collage of pictures from my childhood.

She made me a lactose free ice cream cake. It doesn't look too hot, but it tasted great.

We also had a regular cake. The raspberry filling was yummy. All in all it was a great time. One of the best birthdays I've had since my mom made me a batman cake when I was eight. Posted by Hello

The Public Eye

It's really cool to be able to walk into any book store / magazine rack in America and find a picture of yourself. Quite an odd feeling. I bet it's even more exciting when you get paid for it.

I'll tell you that it's slightly more exciting than when my last game came out. Back then I thought about all the Blockbuster Video stores having copies of something that I had written. Little pieces of my code at every EB.

If you pick up PSM or Game Informer magazine this month, you'll find a picture of me. A tiny speck of a picture. I just thought I would mention it before the moment is over.

New Definition

You have to be a super programmer dork to get this one:

Tard Coded - The act of hard coding something to appease some moron's request for a feature that makes no sense whatsoever and will eventually be removed and denied.

Not sure if anyone thought of that before, I've never heard the term. So, I made it up as far as I'm concerned.

Too Late

Taku said that it is too late to put the H2 Shelby into the game. It does come out in Oct so he's right about that. Bummer. I should have thought of that earlier.


I was working a little on my house today. As you can see sanding plaster makes lots of dust. Posted by Hello

First Cartoon

So, my first cartoon turned out not to be the cartoon I intended on releasing first. My actual first cartoon is my invitation to my 30th birthday party. I didn't have much time to put it together so Dude only has two mouths, they can look pretty bad for lip synching.

Doing a bit for the environment

This morning as I was waking up I had a most excellent idea. A few days ago I mentioned that I would rather have a hydrogen powered Shelby Cobra than a 2005 Ford GT. Not that I can afford either. Since they brought the Ford GT by the studio I've been thinking about cars. This morning the idea struck me that I have the potential to influence the producer of Gran Truismo 4, Taku Imasaki, to put the hydrogen powered Shelby into GT4.

Today I spent some time feeling out Taku and HCC. Seeing if I could bridge them together like Hydrogen and Oxygen to make water. It seems that L. Lloys Frates is willing to bring the H2 Shelby down to the studio. I hope that Taku has the time and desire to get it into GT4.

I'm just doing my part to get the hydrogen ball rolling. I can't decide which would be more fun, being able to see the Santa Monica Mountains from my house everyday or watching the wealth of George Bush and the United Arab Emirates crumble. All I can say is that I hope my dad is ready to retire ( He's the chief engineer on an oil tanker.)

Turning and Burning

Interesting flash animation of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire.

I can't remember what the orginal MTV video was like. It must have been similar, no?

It just made me think that you could use that song as the basis for a history class. If you spent a day or two talking about each of the images and their surrounding context, then you'd have gained a lot of knowledge in an interesting way.


One of the benefits to working at the studio that produces the English version of Gran Turismo is that they bring by exotic cars. Today I sat in the new 2005 Ford GT. It is a very pretty car. One of the few cars that has even less space than my own. Not even any room for a spare tire. The wing on the door hit me in the ribs as I got out of it. What are those for anyway?

If I were to get a frivolous car like that, I'd rather have a hydrogen powered Shelby Cobra. No wings and the only exhaust is H2O. You can pick one up from HCC. They cost about the same too.