New Riddle

I made this one up while I was waking up this morning.

Theodore Plake graduated from medical school with the highest honors. He got a job as a radiologist in the finest Boston hospital. He made lots of money. His life was going well. Until six months later when he was called into the Chief of Staff's office.

"Dr. Plake I need to talk to you about your car. I just saw your license plate this morning. I feel that as a doctor representing this hospital you can not have such pornographic filth adorning your car. You must get a new plate or you will be fired."

The chief of staff was very conservative and Theodore thought he was just over reacting.

"I like my license plate and I don't see anything wrong with it. It represents me. I won't change it."

"You are fired!"

What did the uptight chief of staff read on Theodore's license plate that got him so angry? The answer is in the comments area. Please don't go there until you have a solid guess.

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