My long hair was starting to get a bit nasty

Dude agreed, it was a gross out.

I had to snip this problem at the root.

What did I do !?!

What did he do!?!

Hmm.. Guess I'll go at it with the clippers.

A mowhawk?


Maybe it could work!

No Way!

Shave it the whole way down.

I think that works. Posted by Picasa


A friend of mine told me a good joke yesterday:

What is George W. Bush's opinion on Roe vs Wade?

He doesn't care how people get out of New Orleans.


A while back I said I would make a podcast of my girlfriend's father. I want to catch some of his NASA Apollo Engineer stories. I took one step closer to that goal today. I bought an iRiver to record MP3s while I'm out and about. The iRiver is very cool. It has an FM tuner, but the surprise to me was that with one click I can start recording the radio. Great surprise. The interface is good and it sounds good. The only thing I didn't like the packaging. It was harder to get into than Ft. Knox. I went at it with a scissor. I yanked. I pulled. Several minutes and two cuts from what must be bullet proof plastic later I had freed the iRiver. I hope to get you the NASA interviews soon.