Maxin' Relaxin'

Today I caught Dude chilling on the couch watching some toons. Posted by Hello

Friend of the Family

A friend of the family died today.  Or at least I found out about it today. David Sonnett was the same age as my sisters.  My sister Andrea was his date to prom.  I never actually met David but I have thought about him on many occasions. When he was in the third grade David had an aneurysm in his brain.  It affected him severely both mentally and physically.  He became wheelchair bound and unable to fully control his muscles effectively.  His speech was severely degraded and he had to use a voice box similar to Stephen Hawking's.

My mother was part of an education program at the high school for people with special needs. She would tell me stories about the kids in the program. That is when I would spend time pondering David's situation.  I would try to think of ways to improve his quality of life. My personality lead me to think of ways where he can enable himself.  I tried to imagine how devices could be constructed to allow him to be more mobile or communicate more easily. Devices and technologies cost money so I never got very far with my ideas.  I think that my sister was far more effective in improving his quality of life by just being his friend.


Surfing today was fun, but I ran into more trash than ever before.  More trash touched me today than if I was standing in Alabama trailer park during a twister.  Usually, when surfing, a lot of stuff touches me. Mostly it's kelp or seaweed. Today I came in contact with all kinds of nasty stuff a Dorritos bag stuck to my arm, a rubber glove floated by,  a piece of paper wadded up on my board, and a pelican feather glued itself to my forehead. Yack. 

Proud owner

As of today I am part owner of a plot of land in Arizona. The land is scheduled for development ASAP. There will soon be a shopping mall there.  I want to go out there and setup a timelapse camera to capture the development of the land.


I got a Vanilla Ice Blended this morning from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  I order it with soy milk because I am lactose intolerant. Let's just say that today they forgot to use soy milk. Ouchy.

Power Outage

Today the power went out at work. 11:30 am the power goes off. 12:00 they say go to lunch come back at 2:oo to re-evaluate. We went down to 3rd street promenade. I got a copy of the Game Informer in which our studio is featured.  Had some greek food. Then we went back to the studio. Power was still off so we went home. I wonder if it will be back up tomorrow.  Anyway, I used the time to work on my first cartoon. Which is comming out kinda stupid, but hey it's my first one.  I still have a sore throat and I'm kind of congested so I am reluctant to do the voice over.  I should just get it out of the way.  I can always dub it later.

Sick Note

Last night I was sick. I had a fever and I was so congested I couldn't breathe through my nose. My girlfriend came over bearing gives of day and ny quil. I didn't think she would bring them because she is so into healthy remedies. I feel much better. My fever seems to be gone. She left me a note this morning. 
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I have been experimenting with some php software at home. I have tried the phpbb software and the wiki software. They are both very cool.  They inspire all kinds of ideas in me.

God of War Team

This is a copy of one of the pictures that I was talking about earlier. This one is in the August issue of Game Informer Magazine.  They have a huge article on God of War and the studio. Posted by Hello

Notes of note

My girlfriend leaves me notes in the morning sometimes. I like notes. But, I'm not sure why my pacman looks depressed. Posted by Hello


I went surfing in Malibu this morning. 3rd point. Very nice.  My friend Patrick came along. He tore a hole in the bum of his wetsuit. So his new nickname is Moonshine.

Recipe for deliciousness

Today when I started home for lunch I had no idea that I would be creating the most delectable treat in sandwich technology since the Earl himself laid meat upon bread.  I wanted a tuna sandwich I put the tuna in a bowl. Headed toward the fridge. Pulled out the mayonnaise. Opened the lid. NOOOOO! It was covered with mold. Scrape off the top and head for the deeper mayonnaise? Nay, I have heard the tales of the poisons of foul mayonnaise. I began to resign from the tuna sandwich. The bowl of tuna was covered and headed for a shelf in the fridge.  Intercepted were the thoughts of defeat. When caught my eye a container of guacamole. Could this avocado based paste truly replace mayonnaise, would it be able to suspend my tuna in creamy goodness and hence spread onto bread? Yes! The best inventions are born from necessity.  It was delicious.

This land.

This is a really funny flash flic.


I saw Spiderman 2 last night. I really enjoyed the film.

The morals of the story:

1) If you have any kind of industrial accident, don't panic, just dump it in the river. It'll be fine.
2) Even super heroes need Zoloft sometimes.
3) Progressions in AI and nanotechnology are totally insignificant achievements. Completely overshadowed by any promise of advance in power generation. But who cares because AI and nanotechnology will take over our brain stems and control us anyway.
4) Most importantly, if you talk durring the film you're gonna catch a beat down from the guy who was sitting next to me. Even if you are a 4 year old girl. With pig tail braids, and glasses.

Third of July Party

Last night I had a mini party at my house. I live near Santa Monica Community College and every year on the Saturday before the fourth of July they have their fireworks display. After we ate we headed down the street to watch the show. We plopped down on this fine piece of fruited plain and enjoyed the rocket's red glare and the bombs bursting in air.  There is me, my girlfriend Liana, Valerie, Debbie, Amanda, James and then Chad is taking the picture.

Fireworks yay! Posted by Hello

Downward Spiral

Trent Reznor is comming in today. He is doing the music / sound for one of the games we are producing externally. I wish he was doing the sound for our game. That would be cool.

Magic Lite

This is so totally cool. Where are my rubber gummy bracelets and my thriller album. One note: To get a light out, they should make you have to click on it until your fingers bleed and then leave a hole in the paper. Oh, and only give you ten green lites cause you swallowed the rest pretending they were Flintstones Vitamins.