International House of Pancakes

Today is my birthday. That means I held ultimate authority in deciding where my work friends and I went to lunch. I could make them eat anywhere I wished. My decision was to go to the International House of Pankakes. I chose this for 3 reasons: 1) It's funnel cake days at iHop. 2) We had never gone there for lunch and some of my friends had never, in fact, been to an iHop. 3) We are an international group. In the group we had 3 Brits, 1 French, 1 Russian, and 2 Americans. The iHop seemed appropriate. I thought the nature of our geographically eclectic group would make an interesting anecdote for the waitress but it seemed that the humor would be lost on her. Aside from functional waitress topics and the fare on the menu, I think she only spoke Spanish making the experience that much more international.


E3 is Dead

Wow! E3 is gone. Pretty amazing. My first thought was, "Man, that sucks for buyers." Buyers meaning people who go out to E3 for GameSpot or EB or Walmart and make the purchase orders for games. Then I realized, maybe those people won't have as big a role in the future. For that matter, maybe EB and GameSpot won't be a big deal either. I mean direct download is comming. The last four pieces of software I bought I directly downloaded to my computer. Those series of tubes we call the internet are getting fatter and fatter and reaching more destinations. Soon, you won't have to go to the store to get a game. It will be just like Star Trek. We'll be able to beam the money directly out of your wallet.