Time Lapse

A while ago I said that I wanted to build a time lapse camera to shoot a video of my investment property being constructed. Then I found a company who provides that service. Ox Blue is kind of high priced, but it provides a time lapse camera and automatic website updates for the project. You can view your project as it moves along. They have sample videos that show the construction projects from start to finish in two or three minutes. Turns out that time lapse construction videos are not that exciting. They are probably useful as a marketing tool. Getting people excited for investing in your next project. Definitely not worth constructing a camera and the hasle of setting it up and maintaining it in Arizona.

I just found out that I work with a guy who is really into time lapse photograpy. James Polk (he is related to the 11th president) has a short in the Palm Springs Short Film Festival. The movie is called Navajo Dream 3. He is a tech artist at Sony Studios Santa Monica.

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