Electronic Entertainment Expo

I am getting pumped for E3. Sony is making a huge display for our game. It will have a mural of a war in a Greek square and a giant model of our main character. It should be fun to see how people react to the game. I've worked on games that have shown at E3 before, but never any games with this degree of publicity.

I am also looking forward to the E3 Sony Party. They always are so much fun. Last year George Clinton and the P-Funk were awesome. My highest ranked E3 Sony Party experience is also my one of my favorite girl meeting experiences.

At the 2000 E3 Party I met a most interesting girl. The party, like every year, was held at Los Angeles Center Studios. One of the studio's stages was decorated as a cavernous round tent. 80's arcade style video games lined the outer rim of this tent. They were all free to play. Then in circles concentric with the tent were bartenders and then tables. In the center was a glitter covered, swirl painted dance floor. I was on the dance floor freakin out to some electro funk when she approached.

"I like the way you move!" She said.

Then we started groovin together. We danced so well together it was enthralling. Each of one's moves was complemented by the other's. It was like spooning in motion.

After we danced we started talking. I asked her why she was at a video game conference. She said that she wasn't. She said that earlier in the day she had been filming a video at the Los Angeles Center Studio and was wondering about the party. Her name was Christina she was very beautiful and petite and blonde. She told me that she lived in Orlando. Which I found very interesting because I went to University in Orlando. She offered to buy me a drink and I pointed out that all the drinks were free. I also mentioned that I didn't drink.

Then this guy, who must have been in his late forties, started fiercely interrupting our conversation. Asking why I was so interested in Christina and why was I spending so much time with her. I asked if she knew him. "He's with me, but just ignore him." She replied. So I tried but he started threatening me with violence and hinting that he had friends. So, I wish I hadn't, but I backed down. Just to give him time to cool off. Then they disappeared onto the dance floor never to be seen again, at least by me.

I wonder who she was? I wish I could see her again.

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