Flat Tire

I got a flat this morning. I noticed right when I got to the gym. I rolled the window down to get a ticket for the parking lot. When I drove off I heard the dreaded flubba, flubba, flubba sound. When I got done working out I came out and changed my tire to the baby doughnut tire. They must make tires better these days. I had four nails buried in the tread of my tire. Looks like they had been there for a while, the heads were all worn. Those weren't even what did the tire in. The death strike was a nail sticking through the side wall. Looks like new tires for me.

The worst thing I ever got suck in one of my tires was a spark plug. Back when I was in university I somehow embedded a full size spark plug, ceramic side first into my tire. The tire didn't even deflate. I only noticed it cause it made my car jump up and down as I drove. I had to stop 3 times before I found the problem. The guys at the tire shop pulled the spark plug out leaving a gaping hole, but they were able to stuff it with those gummy worm things. That tire lasted quite a while.

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