Surfin Sunday

Preparations for E3 had us working all day Saturday till 1 in the mornin. Didn't get home till near 2 AM. Then I got up at 7 to surf. Santa Monica did provide just the surf to wake me up. Nice.

I took Dude to the dog park. He had a crush on a black lab 4 times his size. She wasn't into him, but her owner was trying to talk her into it, "Look how cute he is! You're such a snob. It's not like you have lots of offers." There is a small dog party at Josyln Park next Sunday at three. I think I'm gonna take Dude over there to heal his broken heart.

Then I went on a bike ride to the beach. The wind was kicking. Couple guys were out there kite surfing. That is something I really want to try. The thing is, here in the bay, it is a rare day that the wind is good. For me kite surfing would involve lots of driving. And the initial costs are fairly high. Board, harness and kite == money, money, money. Riding down the beach we hit the drum circle. Always interesting at the drum circle.

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