Inverse Weight Watchers

The quest for weight started because I wanted to be heavier so that I could duck dive my surfboard more effectively. Last year I started a training program to gain muscle mass. I started the quest at 135 lbs with a goal set at 160 lbs. By November I was up to 148 lbs. Then a major setback happened I lost 10 lbs over Christmas because I went snowboarding in Steamboat, Colorado. Five straight days of snowboarding. It was great. 18 inches of new powder. But I was set back to 138 lbs. Most of the loss was fat. My body fat went from 8% to near 4%. Actually, I think I got ill because of the low fat.

Finally, I have gained the weight back. Today for the first time ever in my life I was able to move the lower level of weights on the scale to the third notch. 150 lbs. Woo hooo! I have to thank Joey Bullock, my trainer for all the help in getting to 150. Only 10 more lbs left till the goal.

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