A lot of women think that the main character of game I am working on is hot. Our title is for a mature audience. So at work today I suggested that we ask Playgirl Magazine if they would like to do a pictorial with our main character. It would probably be an interesting new ground for Playgirl. It would totally be an unexpected twist in the video game industry.

I'm not sure if Playgirl would be interested in doing a shoot with a digital, fictitious character. As an alternative, we could do a combo shoot. It would be akin to when Playgirl shot their The Men of Enron Show Us Their Assets pictorial. Maybe some of the guys at our studio would participate for some modeling compensation, A Video Game Hunk And His Arcade Creators On Joystick Technique. I would totally do that, I'm not sure that they would want me, but I would do it.

We could also get some of the other characters from the game. The Centaur would be a good choice, by definition he's hung like a horse.

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