The dog party was actually 12 - 3. So I got there at the end. The woman who organized the party, Allison, said that way to many dogs showed up anyway. At one point there were 40 little barkers running around. It must have been insane. Several of us got the impression from the flyer posted last Sunday that it started at three, so I didn't feel too bad. Allison said that the 12-3 slot was too hot so next time it will start at 3.

So, you have to wonder why someone would take the time to organize a small dog party. I mean what would drive someone to put up all the flyers and balloons and make games for all the people to play with their pets. Would they have to be insane? Would the have to be the type of person that you just want to fillet after talking to for 5 minutes, just because they are so annoying? I guess not. Allison seems very nice and the reason she does it? She paints portraits of people's pets. Makes sense doesn't it? Throw a party, get some business. Like a tupperware party.

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