You are my Sunshine, my Eternal Sunshine

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a really good movie. Michel Gondry is so amazing with his seamless use of technology. This movie snuck up on me. I hadn't seen a trailer or heard about it at all. The premise of the movie is that a guy gets all his memories of his girl friend erased cause he finds out that his girl got him erased. Then during the procedure he changes his mind. Hijinks ensue. The timing of the release of this movie is kind of odd. Just a few weeks ago I was pondering memory erasing.

Only a small set of things could cause a person to think about erasing their memory. The set would include war, torture, and love. In my case it was love. You've got to understand, I don't fall in love that often. Cupid is not a good enough shot to hit my skinny arse. This time though he got me good. Hit me right in the bull's eye. I'm not sure where the bull's eye is (that was not covered in anatomy class) but Cupid nailed it. Regrettably, his arrow did not hit the target of my affections. Perhaps one day I will document my fall in another post.

Being of technical mind and mildly escapist I started to imagine the design of a selective memory erasing machine. The device shaped like a lozenge would sit on your philtrum (indentation below the nose.) Then nanoscopic molecular tendrils would begin to grow from the device. They would extend into your nostrils and run through your mucus membranes. Detecting the olfactory nerves and running along them, extending into the brain. As a tendril extended it would branch like a vine. The sub-tendrils would seek out each axion of every higher brain cell. Once fully extended into the brain the device would report the firing of each synapse in real-time. Then as the subject was reminded of certain memories the axions could be altered by the tendrils to eliminate the unwanted memories.

Unfortunately, the outcome is as each of my history teachers told their classes, "If we forget our history then we are doomed to repeat it." My device is detrimental. I must destroy the plans. Although, if the device were used for learning and organizing the brain... hmmm.... I know Kung Fu!

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