Take it with a Grain of NaCl

Being a programmer I can be a bit pedantic and semantically anal. When people (especially people with whom I have had no prior interactions to base my interpretations upon) ask me questions my brain automatically explores all the permutations of what they might be asking. As a simple example, when someone asks me, "Where are you from?" My brain tries to decern whether they mean where was I born? or do they mean where did I live before where I live now? or where did I spend my developmental years? or they even may be asking where do I live now?

But if someone is telling me a story I expect exaggerations to be made and poetic license to be taken. I really am irked by people who must interject and destroy humor in stories because they feel that they must correct all the embellishments and ground the story. Those people suck the fun out of everything. Bastards.

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