Smash It Up

I am totally rebuilding my kitchen from the flooring up. The past two days I have been smashing down my old kitchen. Making a big fat mess. My friend who was helping me yesterday and I had to stop because I didn't have the proper wrench to disconnect the sink drainage. Then I got up and bought a wrench this morning. I unscrewed one of the joints and the whole drainage structure just fell apart. I probably just should have pulled really hard on the pipes last night.

I'm not so obsessive as to completely computer model all of my furniture and apartment in Maya. My friend Eric did just that. He built a model of his apartment and models of all his furniture. Then he was able to move it all around in the computer to get the super feng shui layout. We told him that he should make a business out of that process. Here in So Cal he could prolly make some bucks.

Everyone should try repairing something in their house. I fixed the toilet last month. The little flap that gets pulled up when you push down the flush handle was broken. I think I got a 2000 bleach flushing tablet too close to it and it warped. It was constantly running. So I replaced it. Not a hard task. It works now and the best part is that every time I flush the toilet. I'm like, "Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Who's the master of the flush." It's like a mini party every time I expel some waste.

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