Getting Dumped

This morning I cancelled my training session with Joey. I needed to get rid of all of my cabinet waste before my neighbors threw a fit. Some of it was out on my porch and I could tell that at least one of my neighbors was not too happy.

I rode my bike down to U-Haul and rented a pickup truck. I hired one of the guys that hangs out there to help me move all the waste. Mel the Marine was what he called himself. I was just happy that he spoke English. We negotiated. I figured it would take less than an hour to grab all the crap and take it to the dump so I offered him fifteen dollars. He said that he would usually only do it for twenty, but for me he'd do fifteen. I waited as he tossed all his kneepads, his rollerblades and a large pile of books into the back of the truck. I noticed one book was a textbook, History of America. I guess he just sits and reads all day waiting for someone to hire him.

When we started loading the truck I noticed Mel was kind of clumsy. Which I thought was odd because on the way over he was telling me that he had supreme martial arts skills. He tripped on one of the two stairs in front of my house. Then even after multiple warnings of stray nails he stepped on a board and got a nail in his shoe. Thankfully it stopped before hitting his foot. After I pulled the board off his sneaker he asked if he could go into the bathroom and put his contacts in his eyes. No wonder.

With everything all loaded up we head down to the dump and tossed the stuff. That part was actually fun. Chucking cabinet doors and there goes the kitchen sink. Slam! That bastard was heavy. The dump charged me twenty dollars for all the stuff which weighed 0.3 tons. The receipt came with a California scratch lottery ticket. I gave it to Mel. We tried to expedite because the place smelled like crap. Mel and I couldn't comprehend how someone could work there all day. Mel said, "I don't even want to think about that shit in my lungs. Give me weed smoke, crack, or even cigarettes, but not that shit." I'm not certain how much of that comment was a joke.

I stopped by the grocery store so we could get some drinks. The store was playing Dreams Can Come True. Mel said it was his favorite song and started dancing. Danced all the way to the cold drink isle where I got a Sunny D and he got a beer. I paid and got some cash. I gave twenty to Mel for being cool and dropped him at the laundry mat. The truck came to 27 dollars. It was good to get all that done before work.

So getting that crap to the dump in total cost me:
20 - Mel
1.50 - Beer
27 - Truck
20 - Dump fee
3.50 - Gas
72 - Total

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