Friday night from my living room I heard someone smashing things in the alley. It's nice out so I have my windows open all day and night. The sound was very clear. It sounded like car parts being hit with a bat and then young boys laughing. I guess they ran off by the time I got my shoes on and went outside there was no one about. They had cracked the window of a Saturn, a tail light on a Civic and a tail light on my car. I called the police. They found the thing that the kids were smashing stuff with and were going to have it finger printed. They took my statement and I went to bed. I was not too upset, it seemed like just random young boy shenanigans.

Then last night I was awoken by more smashing sounds. Being in bed it took me much longer to get out to the alley. A few of my neighbors were out surveying the damages. I found out that one of my neighbors was waiting and took off running after the attackers. He tackled one and the cops arrested the 14 year old boy. I'm sure that he didn't even hesitate in giving up his pal.

The boys had broken out the window of the Saturn which they had previously only cracked and they smashed my other tail light. I am pissed now because it has become more of a personal attack, hitting the same targets twice. What kind of moron tries to smash the same cars two nights in a row.

I wonder what is going to happen to those kids. I wonder if they live near me. With them being juveniles I will probably never find out their identities. I will wonder every time I see a young boy in the neighborhood if he is the bastard who smashed my tail lights.

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