No Office Space

I am very thankful for having my job. It is, in my opinion, one of the most fun jobs a person could have. I make video games. I spend my days making skeletons attack and climb ropes, making monsters breathe fire, making blood spray all over the place. I do this using mathematics and algorithms and code. I love it.

Some people don't understand, especially when I have to work on a Saturday. Some of my friends might say, "Oh, you have to work today, that sucks." I put it to them like this, since most of them are struggling actors. If you got a part on a really big movie that you were really excited about you'd get up early and work long hours for it, right? Well, that is my job, to me.

Then I look around work, there are other people who have better tasks then me. We got a concept artist who's job is to draw naked hot chicks. Then he gives those drawings to a 3D artist who's job is to build 3D models of the naked hot chicks. Wow. You think at the end of the day he goes home and says, "If I have to see another naked woman I'll... for Christ sake honey would you cover yourself."