Scary Dreams

Last night I had the worst dreams. I must have died like 30 times. Let's see, I was crushed by a tidal wave, drowned in a flood, died of starvation, melted, shot, run over, exploded, and depressurized. All because of meteor smashing into the earth in different ways. Sometimes it would hit the ocean and cause floods. Or fly by really close and set the atmosphere on fire. Or smash into the other side of the globe and block out the sun causing all vegetation to die. Or it would hit the moon causing all sorts of problems. Then the other times I just died because of people panicking, shooting each other etc..

One day a big meteor is going to hit the earth. It probably won't be in my life time, which is nice for me, but it will come someday. They have come before and will come again. I find that scarier than as of yet unproven phenomena like ghosts.

That's why today my hero is astronomer David Levy. He's out there every night searching for these deadly meteors. I'm not sure what we'd be able to do if he found one on a collision course with earth. Yet, it is nice to know that there is someone out there searching and thinking that my fears are valid enough to do so.

He partly discovered comet shoemaker levy 9. That comet showed us the force of heavenly body impacts when it broke apart and smashed into Jupiter in 1994.

I once dated a girl who said that she would see a meteor crashing into earth and killing a large portion of the population as, "an honor that something so monumental happened during her lifetime." I thought that was a very cool way of looking at it.

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