A Little Excited

The Foresight Institute is putting together an animation depicting how a molecular nanofactory might work. The nanofactory in the animation is a fully functional, distant future assembler. It takes the raw material atoms and puts together a complete product. It is very exciting and you can see a first draft of the animation now (Nanofactory Animation.) I don't doubt that this is possible, but it will not be the first step. The first steps will be making computer chips or some other material (nanotubes, buckyballs) for use in other products.

Once we have even the most basic nanofactory the technology will progress at an exponential rate. Each nanofactory created will be able to more easily create another, faster, more easily controlled and reliable nanofactory. When we have a nanofactory as depicted in the animation many things loose value or just no longer work. Our society will face some major growing pains. A most basic and fundamental example would be paper or coined money. If you can duplicate a dollar at the molecular level counterfeiting would be very difficult to detect. You'd have to do some serial number tracking. It's going to be great.

The Foresight Institute is looking for donations to finish the animation. If you'd like to help out, please go to their donation page.

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