Giving Thanks

Last night I had the first Thanksgiving dinner of the season. My girlfriend is going away tomorrow, so we decided to invite some friends over for dinner. Actually, the impetus for the dinner was the free turkey we got at Ralph's grocery store for spending over $70.

Everything turned out really tasty. The sweet potatoes and the baked apples were great. I made the turkey in my new range. The meat was so moist. One of the most moist I have ever eaten.

A while back I made a roast and the recipe called for an oven bag. I had never used one before. The oven bag is just a plastic bag made out of high temperature plastic, so it doesn't melt. The roast came out delicious, so I thought maybe if you used it on a turkey... of course an internet search led to uncountable numbers of oven bag turkey recipes.

I highly recommend using the oven bag for your turkey. So moist and so clean too. All the mess is contained within the bag.

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