Only if it's TV

There is a rumor floating around our studio that God of War's lead designer, David Jaffe, didn't want to go on a press tour. He didn't want to go because it didn't involve television. That's the rumor anyway. No idea how true it is but, it did get me thinking. When will the first game related interview be on Letterman or Leno? With Halo 2 hitting 1.5 million presales and selling over $100 million on the first day you know that time for late night talk show promotion is here. Who will represent the games on these shows? Most likely it will be a voice actor. For movies it is usually the star who promotes the film not the director or producer. Do game designers have the power to become the stars of the video game industry? Does the general public care who designed the game? It will be interesting to find out.

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