Today's Homework!

Today the new wallboard is flat and dry. My intention was to build the structure that will enclose the stove vent pipe in drywall. I figured I should install one wall cabinet to make sure I build the enclosure in exactly the right place. Good thing I did! I had measured out where the wall cabinets would hang from the catalog. The numbers in the catalog are misleading. They imply that the bottom of the cabinet should be 39 inches from the ceiling. Wrong! The video says how to measure it properly. My original drawings had the wall cabinets two and a half inches above where they should hang. Good thing I did this test. The enclosure would have been 2.5 inches short. Yikes. Plus doing this test allowed me to hang one unit to get a glimpse at the future. Of course now I have to take it down and paint the walls and build the enclosure for the air vent and one for the lights over the sink.Posted by Hello

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