It's my party.

I had my 30th birthday party over the weekend. It was really great. The only thing that went wrong was the original place we wanted to get BBQ from suddenly had a rennovation going on that day. It was a surprise because the owner had told us to call in the morning on Saturday and they would make the food. I guess that he forgot that he was doing remodeling that week. It turned out to be ok. We sent an undercover white boy down into South Central to get BBQ from a better place. He came back unscathed carrying a large tray of meat.

A bunch of my friends came by. We went swimming and did some karaoke. I rented a machine from Life Of The Party. It was well stocked. It provided a great time for $150. It was the center of attention. Liana really made the party special for me. She made this collage of pictures from my childhood.

She made me a lactose free ice cream cake. It doesn't look too hot, but it tasted great.

We also had a regular cake. The raspberry filling was yummy. All in all it was a great time. One of the best birthdays I've had since my mom made me a batman cake when I was eight. Posted by Hello

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