Doing a bit for the environment

This morning as I was waking up I had a most excellent idea. A few days ago I mentioned that I would rather have a hydrogen powered Shelby Cobra than a 2005 Ford GT. Not that I can afford either. Since they brought the Ford GT by the studio I've been thinking about cars. This morning the idea struck me that I have the potential to influence the producer of Gran Truismo 4, Taku Imasaki, to put the hydrogen powered Shelby into GT4.

Today I spent some time feeling out Taku and HCC. Seeing if I could bridge them together like Hydrogen and Oxygen to make water. It seems that L. Lloys Frates is willing to bring the H2 Shelby down to the studio. I hope that Taku has the time and desire to get it into GT4.

I'm just doing my part to get the hydrogen ball rolling. I can't decide which would be more fun, being able to see the Santa Monica Mountains from my house everyday or watching the wealth of George Bush and the United Arab Emirates crumble. All I can say is that I hope my dad is ready to retire ( He's the chief engineer on an oil tanker.)

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