Unanticipated Speech

Today we had a meeting to explain the game engine we developed for God of War. I can't say who was in the meeting or for what purpose. I was assured that I was not supposed to go to this meeting. Just about the middle of the day I get a call, from the conference room. "Can you come down and explain the AI waypoint system." Uh-oh, I haven't messed with that in months. I get down to the room peek in the door and then I got nervous. There were more people in there than I expected. I thought maybe two or three. No, it was more people then I cared to count. After that the meeting turned into one of those nightmares in which you have a test but you didn't study. My voice cracked a couple of times and I could feel myself sweat. I really shouldn't have been so nervous. For some reason I just was.

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