Better Kick It, Before You Click It

When you use Google's ad sense you are not allowed to click on ads served to your page. I find this very frustrating sometimes. The ads are placed using keywords. The keywords come from paragraphs that I have written. So, sometimes Google places an ad that is relevant to what I have written. Why shouldn't I then be allowed to click it? I understand if people are clicking excessively, then you got to nip it. If I am really interested in the ad, I don't see the problem in using it.


chickenmeister said...

You can't click the ads?
I'm no expert or anything, but isn't the purpose of advertisements to get people to go to a site, regardless of who it is? Doesn't make much sense.

Though i'm not so sure i'd want to click the ads anyways.

chickenmeister said...

hey hey!

this is totally unrelated to your blog, but i thought you might find it interesting.

looky what i just found. GOW2 photos! Well, actually photos of a magazine article about GOW2.

looks like i'll have some fine literature to read this week. ;)

TMIV said...

Whoa! Very interesting. ;-)