Snowy New Year

Liana and I went to Mammoth Mountain over New Year's weekend. It was a great time. The snowboarding was fantastic.

My friends and co-workers, Tim and Jo, joined us for a few runs. It snowed so much that only the very bottom portion of the mountain was open. Which was fine, because most of our crew were novice. I went off on my own and took some runs through some trees with the deepest powder I have ever ridden. Between runs your tracks would get snowed over and the echoing boom of avalanche blasting could be heard all day long.

At night we did things like build snow chicks and

of course we had to take some time to play test God of War. I guess we are all workaholics. The condo even had a wireless network so we could use laptops to send the bugs we found directly to the office.

As we went to leave we discovered that the snow time fun was not over just yet. Phil's car had to be uncovered.

Thankfully the guy with the Bobcat showed up and joined our shovel party.  Posted by Hello

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