PSP Rocks

I know a couple of people that have PSPs already. They seem totally tickled with the features. My head is reeling at the possibilities of this platform. You can take a movie, preferably one that you already own, and transfer it to a memory stick. Then you can view it on the PSP. My friend had two movies ( Shaun of The Dead and The Matrix) on one 512 MB memory stick. That feature alone leads to so many possibilities. Imagine if you could combine that feature with a TiVo To Go service or video on demand. Download the shows you want to see to your PSP overnight. Then the next day you can view your shows on the bus, in a car pool, on the crapper, or wherever you like. People can even create online shows that PSP users could subscribe to and download to their PSPs. And think of illustrated audio books. Wow! It'd be awesome to write some illustrated kids book content for PSP. Or do a crazy cooking show that people could download and bring into their kitchens.

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