God of War Final Meeting

The God of War team had its final official meeting today. We have reached beta, and the game is solid and fun, but we have not yet reached final. We are still working, so while the meeting was great I was reminded of Pulp Fiction. You know the scene where the Wolf has made them clean the brains and blood out of the car but they have not yet driven it across town to the junk yard. That priceless quote from The Wolf in that scene was in my mind throughout the meeting. Which was nice, it kept me from getting too sappy. It was emotional for some as people related their experiences. Everyone had a chance to talk. Complements all around and I think that they are well deserved. Some apologies were given for misunderstandings. You could feel the pride and mutual adoration in the room. It was pointed out that even at this late stage when we should be sick of the game we still find it fun to play. That is a very good sign.

We then watched parts of our game. I get chills and goose bumps while playing some parts of our game. I hope that is an indication of the quality of our game and not just false pride. Involuntary skin response has only ever happened to me while playing one other game. In the original Halo about three quarters of the way through the sound track and visuals came together with some action game play and I looked like a freshly plucked chicken. I hope some gamers out there get the same experience during our game.

Oh! The demo is out. It's a limited release demo but the first 70 people to email hydra_level@playstation.sony.com with their address and phone number will get a copy.

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