Vegas Birthday

At the beginning of this month I went with some friends to Vegas. Jon and Ben were celebrating their birthdays.

This is Nana, Ben, Barbara, and Jon. Happy Birthday guys.

Our pal Bart went as well, but didn't want a snapshot. I think he'll be in front of the camera quite enough if the topic of the day reaches fulfillment.

Liana and I enjoyed Paris.

It's really hard to take a picture of yourself while you are kissing.

We ended up having to stay an extra day due to tire damage. We stayed at the Luxor. Most of the extra day was rushed and jumbled trying to find a new tire. We did get a bit of great time by the pool.

I had a great time in Vegas. The most fun was hanging out with Liana and my friends in the Rio after the Penn & Teller show. I also just love how you can get lost in a casino. It transports me back to the days when I was little. My mom would take me to a new mall we'd go up and back and down through out the mall. At the end of the day I would be the one who knew exactly where to find the car. I remember feeling that even if you had blind folded me I could still find the car no problem. I still keep three dimensional maps and floor plans in my head. I remember the layouts of most of the buildings and cities in which I've been. I can not comprehend how people can have "no sense of direction." It is such an integral part of me. Posted by Hello

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