Tile Work

I just spent the entire weekend laying the tile on my kitchen floor. The picture is of my kitchen gutted with most of the new tiles installed. It was actually kind of fun. In a weird monotonous way. Slather the crap on. Trowel it. Lay a tile. Slather the crap on. Trowel it. Lay a tile. Repeat. The mind gets to strange places in those repetitive situations. I kept repeating this little song in my head for some reason.

This adhesive was made for gluing.
And that's just what it'll do.
Some day this adhesive is gonna stick all over you.

sing that to Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Were Made For Walking and you'll see the insanity that started to set in my brain. Could have been the fumes. Or it could have been the intense pain my body was starting to feel over the twelve hours it took me to do the work.

One good side effect was that I invented the best tool ever! I was trying to scrape some dried adhesive off of a tile. I was using a towel, not strong enough. Then I tried a razor blade, too rigid. My fingernail did the trick. It always does. From washing dishes to cleaning gack off pretty much anything the fingernail is king. So when they find the gene for fingernails (if they haven't already), bam! I'll make a tool that just grows fingernails on plants or something. Posted by Hello

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