A Day in Court

Actually I never made it to court. I sat in the jury assembly room all day. I waited and waited. Then, I got reassigned to a another court house completely. I have to show up there tomorrow.

The Mosk Courthouse is on Hill St. In downtown Los Angeles. It is across the street from the Ahmanson Theater and the new Walt Disney Concert Hall. If you ever have to do jury duty down there I suggest that you go up to the ninth floor. Up there they have a cafeteria called Top of the Court Cafe. It is your average crappy government cafeteria. I don't recommend buying a doughnut. I made that mistake. The reason you should go up there is that they have an open air balcony all around the top of the courthouse building. Great views of the Disney Music Hall and the theatre.

To the southwest you can see the Los Angles Times building. Although more interesting is the building between the courthouse and the LA Times Building. It has what looks like a skateboard ramp on the roof and has spots of graffiti up the sides of its walls. Makes you wonder, how do they get up there to spray that graffiti?

The courthouse is such an odd building. It has marble tiles all along the walls but it has linoleum floors. I guess they did the walls and then ran out of money for the floors. Every time I go into one of those older government buildings my head gets all stuffy. I guess they have bad air circulation.

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