Lost in the Big Apple

Apple maybe winning the download wars, but I wonder for how long. I, like many other users in the last month, have run into a download issue using iTunes. The discussions and complaints list for miles in the Apple Support Discussion Boards. In all these pages of people asking, "What is the error message 0xFFFE7958?" the most resounding comment is "Where is the support?"

The problem is cross platform and cross media. You can have it on OS X downloading Gwen Stefani or on Windows XP downloading Desperate Housewives Episode 6. I can't download two episodes of Lost. People have been waiting weeks to hear from Apple about what they should do. Users are offering each other support. Telling each other to reinstall things.

Maybe Apple not addressing the problem is keeping it hush hush. Maybe they don't want to come out and say they have a bug. Is that why Apple computer systems have the reputation of being more bug free? They have bugs but never acknowledge them and they are forgotten?

Microsoft is now gaining a large base of content downloading customers. Their points purchasing program is beaming the money out of wallets across the nation. Games like Geometry Wars on the XBox 360 are just the start.

The XBox 360 is strategically placed in the entertainment cortex of the household. No downloading to your computer and then re-downloading it to your ipod. No having to watch the shows you download on your computer screen. One download and there it is on your television.

Microsoft has made it a reality for games. It's only a matter of time before music, television shows and movies are on the XBox menu. I just hope that Sony has a similar plan, but I doubt it.

I know I've always dreamed of only paying for the shows I want to see. Why do I have to pay the cable company for all this other crap like the golf channel, the fishing channel, HSN, etc. Some people are just seeing the light and recognizing the power.

It allows the true American vote (the dollar) to be focused. Plus it allows me savings in the ultimate currency (time.)

Oh, and Barlog, leave the code for the coders.


I think this post from the itunes support boards is the summation of most of the problem and frustration:

"This is completely outrageous! Why are these errors not addressed? I have the same issues as posted here. When you contact Apple (which I do not recommend) their "answers", after an hour of useless diagnostics, is that it is a windows virus!!!! I cant believe that since they can't fix the problem, or better, don't know how to fix the problem, they blame it on Windows. Customer service is lacking big time on Apple's side. I have to think that the majority of iPod users have windows, and to use that as a cop-out to issues they cant resolve is so annoying. PLEASE, someone figure out this not downloading issue. I am so tired of googling every little thing that goes wrong with itunes and having to act like my own personal IT department."

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