God of War on 1Up

1up.com asked a few guys here to fill out a questionnaire about God of War. 1Up writers took our answers and compiled them into this article. The article talks about what games we used as reference while working on God of War. Catfight is in that list. Let me tell you the story behind how it got there.

Cory Barlog ( lead animator ) and Derek Daniels ( designer ) were filling out the 1Up questionnaire when I walked past. They wanted to put in a few joke games on our reference list. They were tossing around ideas like saying that Atari 2600 Combat inspired our combat system and War Gods was in inspiration as a total opposite ( War Gods is to God of War as horrible game is to great game. ) They asked me what I thought was the worst fighting game ever made. Catfight is the answer. I used to work with Larry Hess at Digital Domain. Larry Hess, who now runs Hess Software, also ran the company that created Catfight. When you talk to him he seems proud that Catfight is known as the worst game ever created. That is how Catfight got on our list of reference games.

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