Recipe for deliciousness

Today when I started home for lunch I had no idea that I would be creating the most delectable treat in sandwich technology since the Earl himself laid meat upon bread.  I wanted a tuna sandwich I put the tuna in a bowl. Headed toward the fridge. Pulled out the mayonnaise. Opened the lid. NOOOOO! It was covered with mold. Scrape off the top and head for the deeper mayonnaise? Nay, I have heard the tales of the poisons of foul mayonnaise. I began to resign from the tuna sandwich. The bowl of tuna was covered and headed for a shelf in the fridge.  Intercepted were the thoughts of defeat. When caught my eye a container of guacamole. Could this avocado based paste truly replace mayonnaise, would it be able to suspend my tuna in creamy goodness and hence spread onto bread? Yes! The best inventions are born from necessity.  It was delicious.

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