Painting With Pollution

Alexandre Orion paints with pollution. He finds walls and tunnels that are encrusted with layers of black soot and selectively cleans the surfaces creating art. You can read about his angry encounters with police who think he's spray painting over at Wired.

His art process is called reverse graffiti. At first I wasn't sure that his work should be associated with graffiti because of the associated destructive connotations. Then I guess that's the point and why it is a true reversal.

Orion is a true artist. He's using a visual medium to create awareness. His message is unpopular with the government and is just washed away in the end, literally.


AJ said...

That guy/form of art is pretty awsome.

He seems to have a thing for skulls, though. It seem that it is part of the message he's trying to send. I think that if he drew something beautiful instead of a bunch of skulls, then I don't think there would be as much opposition to his art.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the skulls represent all of the death that the pollution is going to cause.

Gary said...

Bad ass. And yes although the skulls are surely part of the opposition to the work, It would certainly seem to be part of the point. It's toxic, and most people don't realize it's there because it coats everything evenly, until he selective removes from it.