Note Detector

I am posting a new verison ( of Note Detector today. New features include Midi Echo and recognition of higher pitched notes.

As you can see in this screen shot the layout has gotten bigger:

Midi Echo is a new feature that will send a Midi Note on command to a Midi output device when a note is detected. The midi note has a start delay because of processing time. Also of course if you are playing the Midi note in a way that can be picked up by your mic it's going to cause a feedback loop where the note keeps detecting itself.

Even though the staff will only display up to A# in the fifth octave it detects and displays the the letter note up to the tenth octave.

If you want more information on Note Detector you can look back and see the history of Note Detector.

Known bugs in this version:
  • Help does not point to a Note Detector help page
  • The sensitivity setting does not carry over if you stop and restart


Martin said...

I just downloaded it on a whim, but once I started playing with all the instruments and just making different noises with my voice, it was addictive! Now I have to figure out how to record with it. This is a gas. . . THANK YOU!

Kitty LeClaw said...

Love it!!!

Louis said...

It really helps