Santa Monica Boston Terrier Meetup

On Saturday we took Dude down to the Santa Monica Boston Terrier Meetup I captured some video of the event. If you have a Boston and would like to join us next time check out the Meetup Group.

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AJ said...

TMIVCast 6!

i added your RSS thing to my psp a couple months ago. And yesterday i just happened to check to see if, on the off-chance, tmiv had any new podcasts. I didn't really expect you to, so i was suprised that you did.

well, just wanted to let you know that you have atleast one listener. ;-) (on the PSP too!) ...and the whole RSS/podast thinger on the PSP started with you? ...and you only got some CDs as payment for such a brilliant idea?



P.S... related to the boston terrier meetup... you do realize that there's some lady saying "no photo's please" near the end, right? tmiv is a rebel. ;-P