E3 2006

God of War II is showing very well at E3. The kiosks we have it running on always have a queue of people. They all seem to enjoy playing it.

That eye toy card game seems like it could have some potential. It needs a lot more work but it looks like they could do some fun things with it.

The PS3 stuff looks hot! Warhawk, which is being produced out of our studio, feels great with that new motion controller. It does take a few moments to get your brain to wrap around the control system and stop fiddling with the analog sticks.

The Wii was weak in my opinion. Granted that I only played one game because every year the Nintendo booth makes me run screaming in claustrophobic terrors. I played ping pong and after about a minute I thought the Wiimote was going to give me carpel tunnel. Overall it didn't seem that the wii was worth releasing a whole new console. I have the notion that they could have just put out the wiimote as a controller on the gamecube with similar results.

I wanted to see Spore, but it was behind closed doors and I didn't want to wait in that line.

I got a ticket to the Gears of War showing and it looked really nice, but it's just floating on top of the sea of the other million games that have a guy with a big gun as the primary character.

The most interesting thing in the Xbox booth was Viva Pinata by Rare. Looks like it could be fun.

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